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October 4th The last LRRS race of the season has come and gone.  Kit and Scott represented the team and both came away from the weekend with personal bests!

The team is now shifting into off-season mode, working on the 2000 proposal, putting together an end of the year newsletter, and other administrative activities.

But just because the season is over, don't think that this website won't still be updated!  This is still the place to be for all the latest information on the team goings on.  And who knows, we might yet be able to convince the webmaster to give the website a little facelift!

September 27th Well, the AMAGC has come and gone and it saw spectacular results for all the team members!  Paul posted his fastest times to date, running solidly in the 1:18's! Kit continued to drop several seconds from her best lap times! Bruce successfully completed his first race as an expert! Rob ran his fastest times ever, beating his best by over 1.5 secs and came home with a 2nd in Production twins! And Scott continued to improve on the NSR600, making improvements to both the bike, and to his riding.

Unfortunately, this was the last race weekend of the year for several of the team members.  Bruce and Paul fly out today for sunny California to attend Adam and Crystal's wedding next weekend, Rob had previous commitments, and Kevin is busy teaching 4th grade.  We'll leave it to Scott and Kit to carry the TDR banner!

September 22nd TDR is in full preparation for the AMA Grand Championship this weekend.  Come up to NHIS and check out the best amateur roadracers in the nation!
September 6th The combined NASB/LRRS weekend has come to end.  Paul put up a respectable showing the NASB 106hp race and came home with an 8th place in MWGP as well as a 17th in MWSS.  Bruce got a 7th in LW Sportsman, didn't let a little crash in GTL slow him down, and got up to finish 11th, and came home with a 5th in GP Singles. Finally, Kit managed to shave 2 seconds of her best time this weekend!
August 30th The team has returned from Pocono.  Paul qualified for, ran in, and finish both Formula USA races.  Even though he was running on a supersport 600, and running against open class liter bikes, he still managed to finish 24th in race 1, and 20th in race 2 (out of 31 bikes)!

Kevin came home with a 1st in Production twins and a 5th in LWSupersport, while Bruce brought home a 2nd in GP Singles!

August 24th Well, preparations are almost all set for the teams trip down to Pocono International Speedway for the combined LRRS/FUSA event this coming weekend.  Paul will be racing with the "big boys" in the two Formula USA races, while the rest of the team will be competing in the LRRS races.
August 23rd In preparation for the LRRS/FUSA weekend, both Paul and Bruce will be at the Bikework trackday this Wednesday at NHIS.  Both Paul and Bruce will instructors, helping show the new riders the best way around the track.
August 9th The 5th TDR race weekend saw perfect racing conditions on Saturday, and miserable conditions on Sunday.  But that didn't stop the team from coming home with great finishes!  Rob got a 1st place in LWSuperport, Bruce got a 3rd in GP Singles, Scott ran his fastest time yet, and Paul got his first top 10 finish as an expert.  Read all about the weekend here.
August 5th The gallery section has been updated with pictures from the the July race weekend.  Just in time for next race weekend!
July 19th Hot.  It was DAMN hot.  Like 100°F hot. But that didn't stop the team from having a stellar weekend.  Kit ran her fastest times ever, Paul broke into the teens, and Kevin, Scott, and Bruce came home with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place trophies respectively!  Look for the full report to be posted soon in the Race Reports section.
July 9th The gallery section has been updated with pictures from the the May and June race weekends, as well as the Team Lady Luck Track day.  Check them out!
June 21st Well, the 76th annual Loudon Classic has come to an end.  Paul decided not to run in the 600SS race this year, but regretted that decision after timing some of the entries.  Next year for sure!  Instead, Paul, Kit, Scott and Kevin put on their cornerworking hat's and spent the weekend as part of the USMarshalls.
June 16th Watch out!  Kevin and Paul just got back from the 2 day Penguin Pro School!  Kevin will no longer be satisfied with those 2nd place finishes, and Paul fully expects to be running in the teens now! Whoohoo!
June 14th Well, the team bid farewell to Adam and Crystal, who left yesterday on their week-long trek to their new home in sunny San Francisco. The team wishes them well.  Wait for the announcement of Team Daemon West!
June 14th  Well, the weekend saw 2 crashes, but Rob, Bruce and bikes are fine.  Rob came home with his first trophies, and Kevin came home with a 2nd place!  Read all about it here.
June 9th The F4 is now sporting a brand new paint job.  Thanks to Galen at Bikework for use of the paint booth!
June 1st Check out the latest copy of the Team Daemon Newsletter! Our way of keeping our friends, families, and sponsors in touch with what's going on with the team.
May 28th Oh, the horror! Caught in the act -- Team Daemon Racing acting like squids and hooligans! TDR goes to the Team Lady Luck track day and has a great time, on the track and off. 
May 27th Missed Team Daemon Racing at the Team Lady Luck track day yesterday? Fear not. Pictures were taken, and the guilty parties will be on display when the evidence is scanned in later today. Stay tuned! 
May 24th Team Daemon Racing would like to invite everyone up to NHIS on June 12th to kick of Bike Week 1999. Come up, hang out and meet the members of Team Daemon Racing, enjoy the team BBQ, get a tour of the track and the racing and make a day of it. More information can be found at
May 3rd Well, the weekend is over, and we only had one crash. Fortunately, Paul and the F4 are just fine. Pictures and race reports will be posted soon, but feel free to check out the LRRS Race Results from the weekend! 
May 1st Whoa. LRRS has a web site now! Check it out:
April 29th Stop by the New Hampshire International Speedway this weekend and watch Team Daemon Racing blow away the competition. The weather forecast sounds good ... it's going to be a great weekend! 
April 28th Just in time for the second race weekend, the race report from the first race weekend is done. Check it out in TDR's Race Reports section. 
April 28th Members of Team Daemon Racing will be at the New England Dragway this Friday night practicing their starts. Come on down and race with us! 
April 27th We're still working on the race report, but pictures from the first race weekend have been posted. Check them out in the TDR gallery section!
April 26th One of our sponsors, HJC Helmets, just announced their new web site: Check it out! 
April 19th Team Daemon Racing's first weekend was extremely successful... pictures and race report to be posted soon! 
April 8th The GoPed did not fare as well as the rest of the TDR vehicles today. We're not sure if it was a defective unit, too much idling, or maybe Adam's awesome stoppies, but the centrifugal clutch failed, emptying its ATF all over the rear tire. North Reading Honda/Kawasaki swapped clutches with us, and the little screamer is back to full speed. Hide the women and children. 
April 8th TDR stopped by a NH dyno shop after the testing day to put the F4 through its paces. Of course, we could show you a scan of the F4's dyno chart, but we don't want to scare the faint of heart. Suffice it to say, the F4 makes biiig power all over the place. 
April 8th Well, TDR survived the first day of testing for the 1999 season. Even though the morning started off cold and wet, the sun did come out in the late morning. The rain didn't stop Rob from taking out the EX500, but both Paul and Bruce opted to stay in the nice dry garages until the sun came out. Rob spend the morning getting to know the EX, Bruce spent it learning how to ride a straight MZ (thanks to GMD Computrack!), and Paul took the opportunity to get to know the new F4. Overall, a very successful morning! 
March 31st TDR is proud to welcome The Knee-Dragon aboard as a sponsor for the 1999 season. Don't forget to check out all of the TDR sponsors on our sponsors page
March 26th The team is looking forward to their first practice day, a mere thirteen days away -- April 8th. Come and join Team Daemon Racing at the track for a day of early season testing! 
March 25th It's been just over a month since there's been any real news posted here, but plenty of stuff has happened behind the scenes... 

The team has just reached a sponsorship agreement with Factory Pro Tuning for the 1999 season, meaning that it'll be a little cheaper for us to use the industry's best jet kits -- which many of us on the team were using anyway. We're very grateful to Factory for the assistance and the chance to show off the advantage their products will give us. 

We've formalized sponsorship agreements with Lockhart Phillips USA, who will also be sponsoring Team Daemon Racing this year. We use so much of their stuff anyway that their assistance will be enormously helpful. 

And finally, Rob will indeed be campaigning an EX500 in the Loudon Roadracing Series in addition to contesting select USCRA events on his RD. 

February 19 Paul picked up the new F4 racebike today. It's gorgeous. Anyone want to buy an F2? Ridden only on weekends... 
February 19 In an effort to help the LRRS community, Team Daemon Racing has made the LRRS weekend schedule and race registration form on our schedule page
February 16 Team Daemon Racing is pleased to announce that Parametric Technology and North Reading Honda/Kawasaki are returning as sponsors for the 1999 racing season. Woo hoo! 
February 2 The LRRS schedule is now more or less final, which means that the info on our schedule page is now correct. Plan your vacation time accordingly! 
February 2 The banquet was lots of fun. Four of our racers were honored for their cornerworking efforts, and our very own Kit Kraysha was runner-up for the "Crash Magnet" award -- an award given the cornerworker who had to pick up the most crashes.
In other news, TDR secured a couple of additional sponsorship contracts at the LRRS banquet -- stay tuned for more info! 
January 28 TDR will be at the LRRS banquet this Saturday, hob-knobbing with the rest of the Loudon Roadracing Series crew as it dines on overcooked hotel food and celebrates the 1998 LRRS class champions. 
January 27 Team Daemon Racing is very pleased to announce a partnership to work with the Jodi F. Solomon Speakers Bureau in 1999. You're only one click away from learning about the exciting speaker programs and artist management services they offer! 
January 26 Unconfirmed rumors suggest that Rob Opiela may be contesting LRRS events on a lightweight twin in addition to the sound beatings he will be handing out at USCRA vintage events. Stay tuned for confirmation! 
January 25 Eric Wood of Woodcraft comes through again! Team Daemon Racing and Woodcraft will be working together again in 1999. With a number of new (and "new to us") race bikes for 1999, we're going to need to set them up with CNC-machined billet hardware that can stand up to the punishment of racing. And, quite simply, there's nothing out there tougher and better-looking than Woodcraft stuff. 
January 22 Wow, first news in a long while. Winter preparations are well under way. It sounds like a CBR600F4 might be joining the TDR stables. Stay tuned to this page for more info! 

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