Team Daemon Racing is proud to be sponsored by the companies listed below. In every case, we approached these companies because they are recognized leaders in the motorcycle industry. We are proud to be working with these companies in 2002, and enjoy a considerable competitive advantage through the use of their products.

We recommend our sponsors' products unequivocally, not only because they are our partners but because of the results they give us. Everyone on the team started out paying their own way, and could continue to do so -- we use the products from these companies because they work. When you could make do without sponsorship, why would you accept sponsorship from anyone but the best? We'd use the products from these companies even if they didn't help us out. 

The bottom line is, we trust our race results and our safety to our sponsors and their products, and they have never let us down. 

HJC Helmets

HJC Helmets has really come through for us. The team wears HJC LT-12 helmets exclusively. As any dealership can tell you, the LT-12s are amazingly light, yet they easily pass DOT and SNELL-95 certification testing. And they're pretty cheap, too. You don't have to spend $400 to get one of the lightest, safest helmets on the market. Indeed, to test the HJC's comfort for possible endurance racing, one of our team members took his LT-12 on a 10 day, 4000+ mile trip. If it's comfortable for a week of wearing the helmet for 10+ hours a day (and it was), you know it'll be comfortable for a spin around your favorite backroads. We love our HJC helmets. 
We also use HJC FRS communicators to keep in touch with each other around the track. They are an invauluable tool, allowing team members to keep in contact no matter where on the track they are.

Robinsons ACE Hardware

Team Daemon is proud to have Robinsons ACE Hardware as one of it's sponsors. They are more than a hardware store, they have a staff that is knowledegable and friendly, and willing to work with whatever problem you have. Located in Hudson MA, they have a complete line of home and garden supplies, hardwares  for plumbing and electrical, excellent paint selection and paint-match facilities, and any other tools you may need for the home do-it-yourselfer.  For those one-time needs, they also have a full rental business.   When approached about sponsoring Team Daemon, they were excited about the  prospect of expanding their customer base to the motorcycle-riding segment.  "They own homes, they have projects they like to work on. Maybe they want to add a workshop or outfit their garage with certain tools.  We have what they need and are ready to help." Stop by and visit them.

iMarc L.L.C.

iMarc L.L.C. is a full-service web and application development company located in Newburyport, MA. Established in 1997, iMarc creates web sites and ebusiness applications ranging from compact brochureware sites all the way up to fully commerce-enabled storefront sites and web applications, and everything in between. iMarc's customer list is impressive and includes some notable companies including EMC, Starwood Hotels and Resorts, addidas, Deutsche Bank, UPromise, Timberland, and many others. In addition to web and application development iMarc also provides full-serviced managed hosting services (UNIX and Windows platforms) and proactive site maintenance and management programs. 

Factory Pro Tuning

Factory Pro Tuning is the undisputed industry leader when it comes to the high performance tuning of motorcycles, and we're looking forward to continuing to work with them in 2002. Their carburetor recalibration kits are so far ahead of anything else available that virtually all of the professional supersport teams use their stuff. Any fool can make a jet kit with proprietary parts that helps with wide-open-throttle, but let's be serious -- not even racers are always WFO. Only Factory designs kits that are consistently superior at any throttle situation: idle, part-throttle and wide-open, at low RPM, at high RPM, and at everything inbetween. And they do it using standard Keihin and Mikuni parts, which makes fine-tuning easy -- you aren't locked into some strange, proprietary jetting scheme. We'd be crazy to use anything else. 


The track is a pretty big place, and getting around can be a challange. From picking up tires or parts from Street and Comp, or getting to the riders meeting, or just getting to a corner to watch a fellow teammates race, TDR uses several GoPeds® to get around the track.  TDR used a Liquimatic and a Bigfoot to get around and run errands.  They are fantastic!  One team member has even used his own GoPed® to get to work, parting it under his desk!  Check them out!

North Reading

These guys are, without a doubt, the best dealership in the Boston area. We've heard plenty of horror stories about other dealerships... don't waste your time! These guys are the best. They carry the full line of Honda and Kawasaki on- and off-road bikes, as well as ATV's and personal watercraft. And they sell 'em at prices that the other guys can't hope to match. Trust us, we've shopped around, and North Reading Honda/Kawasaki always comes out on top. Give them a call at (978) 664-5461. 

Street & Competition

We'd like to be able to say that everything always goes according to plan at the race track, but it just ain't so. Street & Comp is at the track every day we are, supporting racers and sport riders with an awesome selection of high-performance essentials. We break stuff, they have the parts to get us back on-track. With an excellent selection of go-fast parts that are perfect for street riders as well, Street & Comp is a true one-stop speed shop. Check them out! 

Vanson Leathers

When things don't go quite as planned, you want to make sure that you have the best safety equipment available. That's why Team Daemon Racing wears Vanson leathers. Not only does Vanson make one of the best products available, they stand behind their work. Vanson is at every LRRS event and can make trackside repairs. For those instances when they can't repair the leathers trackside, they'll take them back to the shop, and deliver them to the track at the next race. If you are looking for either race leathers or a leather jacket for the street, give Vanson a call! 


Woodcraft makes some of the best high-performance parts out there. Clip-ons, CFMotorsports rearsets, stands, spools... you name it. This stuff is so well designed, you'll wonder why companies haven't been making stuff like this forever -- and how you ever raced without it. Simple, beautiful CNC machining that's bulletproof-strong and intelligently designed. The products are a pleasure to use and make racing much easier. We're very proud to be working with Woodcraft and owe many of our top finishes to Woodcraft products. Give Eric a call at 508-339-5772 for all your needs.. 

Spectro Oils

Oil is the lifeblood of any 4-stroke engine, especially under race conditions where the engine is continuously seeing full throttle, high load, redline operation. That's why Team Daemon Racing relies on Spectro Oils exclusively for its oil needs. Golden Spectro 4 is a premium synthetic/petroleum blend motorcycle oil that incorporates the very latest A.P.I. SH additive technology; then, is further fortified with additional anti-wear additives to provide smooth shifting and reduced wear in motorcycle engines with transmissions that share the engine lubricant. Golden Spectro 4 is a blend of the highest quality petroleum based oils and complex synthetics that achieves the best characteristics of both components. 

GMD Computrack

When it comes to roadracing, set-up is key: all the power in the world isn't going to do you any good if you can't transfer it to the road. Peter Kates knows suspensions, and knows what it takes to set up a winning bike. And for those times when the bike does meet the road, the GMD Computrack system is the only system to laser-measure the bike, and get it back to better than stock condition. Whether you are a roadracer or just a street rider who wants to get the most out of your bike, give Peter a call, and he'll set you up. (508) 876-9407. 

Lockhart Phillips USA

Lockhart Phillips makes and distributes most of the industry's best aftermarket components, and everything that we need to set our bikes up with the trick components that make life at the track much easier. They also have an enormous variety of accessories for the enthusiast to customize his/her ride. Check them out! 

Steve Pasquale of Pasquale Auto Body keeps the TDR bikes looking sharp! Steve is a super nice guy and does fantactic work. This year he has painted all the TDR bikes and is keeping them looking good.  If you are thinking of painting either your bike or car, or even gettin the windows tinted on your tow vehicle, give Steve a call and he'll hook you up.  Let him know that TDR sent ya!