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News From 1998



November 8 CCS has released a proposed 1999 schedule, so we updated our schedule page with the new info. Don't buy your plane tickets yet -- the schedule is still tentative.
November 6 The trip report from Team Daemon Racing's trip to CCS ROC XV has finally been posted. Go check it out in the race reports section.
November 4 Pictures from the Daytona trip are now on display in the Gallery.
November 3 Paul and Adam have returned from the CCS Race of Champions in Daytona. No trophies, but an impressive showing against a nationwide crew of championship-seeking amateurs. Pictures and report to be posted in the next day or two.
October 23 The first run of T-shirts has long since sold out, so we ordered more -- twice as large a run as the first batch! Most of the new batch has already been spoken for, but there are still a few extras if you get your order in soon. See our T-shirt page for more information.
October 6 Well, Team Daemon Racing's 1998 regular season has drawn to a close, and we're already hard at work on next year's festivities. Paul and Adam are heading down to Daytona in late October to represent Team Daemon Racing at the 1998 CCS Race of Champions. We're also working on our 1999 sponsorship proposal, which we'll be mailing out to prospective 1999 sponsors in the near future. Stay tuned! We'll be updating this site all winter long with the team's progress as we make our plans and prep our engines for the 1999 season and our second year together as a team.
October 6 The final race report of the 1998 regular season has been posted. Paul has an epic battle with some other juniors, Kendall has an epic battle with frostbite, and Kit drops her times even with the new (slower) track layout.
October 5 Look for the year's final Team Daemon Racing race report later this week. Find out what happens when you race after 25 degree overnight temperatures make you drain the water out of your bike's cooling system...
September 29 The final round of Team Daemon Racing's 1998 season is next weekend, October 3-4, at Loudon. Don't miss the exciting conclusion to a fantastic racing season!
September 28 Kevin had a rough weekend, but Paul turned in another solid performance, picking up a 6th (of 33) and a 4th (of 24). A full race report will be posted in the next couple of days. In other news, T-shirts are selling fast ... four days after production, only 1/3rd remain!
September 24 News flash! Team Daemon Racing t-shirts are now available in limited quantities for a mere $15. The t-shirts are printed on heavy 100% shirts, built to stand up to the chaos of the Team Daemon Racing pits. Send us email to place your order.
September 19 Look for Team Daemon Racing at next weekend's AMA Amateur National Championship at the New Hampshire International Speedway! For tickets and directions, visit
September 13 Team Daemon Racing is proud to announce the addition of Woodcraft to its list of sponsors for the 1998 season. Eric Wood (the president) came through for Team Daemon Racing big time, allowing us to salvage a first place finish from what would otherwise have been a DNF. We can't say enough good stuff about Woodcraft. Besides the awesome products they sell, they're truly decent people.
September 5 If you have any feedback on the website, please send it to
September 4 Well, the TDR website is finally up, for better or worse. We'll be making significant changes to it in the near future, but at least we have something up. Many many thanks to the team members that took pictures, scanned pictures, etc. We have a race weekend coming up in about a week. Almost time to start working on the proposal to sponsors for the 1999 season. Time flies when you're procrastinating...
March 20 Many thanks to Tom Maloney for the following website-related haiku:

     Team Daemon Racing
     may be fast on the race track
     but no web page found

     cherry blossoms fall
     and vernal equinox comes
     still get 404

     Reto Lichtensteiger is
     busy pleating skirt

     hope team mechanics
     spin wrenches faster than they
     code HTML