Track Day

Purpose: To give the average street rider the opportunity to enhance their riding skills in an environment which is free of the distractions normally found on public roads.
Dates: Friday, June 6, Monday July 21, Wednesday August 13, and Tuesday September 23
Location: New Hampshire Motor Speedway, Loudon, NH.

Track Days are not races!! Track Days are not race schools!! If that is what you are looking for, please look elsewhere!!

Track Days are NOT a place to race with your buddies.

Anyone caught "racing" or riding aggressively will be asked to leave.
There will be NO REFUND and you will be banned from all future TDR Track Days.

If you are an experienced licensed roadracer, this may not be the Track Day for you. This Track Day is primarily designed around the average street rider and there are strict rules regarding passing. If you are a racer looking for some track time in a NON-COMPETITIVE environment and will be able to abide by the rules, then you may sign up.

A major tip o' the hat to Tony Iannarelli of Samnet Racing for his help in putting together all of this information. Also, major thanks to Graham Patterson of Sliderule Racing for the template for the track-map.

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