Track Day - General Info

Last Updated 04/08/08
Location: New Hampshire Motor Speedway, London, NH.
Track Map: Large (1200x913), Small (600x456), Aerial Photo
Hours: Infield/Garage area: 7:00am - 6:00pm
On track Time: 9:00am - 5:00pm
NHMS is located in London, NH on Rt. 106, approx. 10 miles north of Concord, NH. Follow link for specific directions from the track website.

Track Days are NOT races!!!
Why come to a TDR trackday?
  • While Team Daemon is not *officially* running trackdays anymore, that doesn't mean we are not involved with them! We have officially combined forces with Motomarket, who are taking care of all the signups. However, the Team Daemon staff will still be at each event and we are still the running and promoting of the events!

  • We run trackdays because we love riding, and want as many people as possible to experience the thrill and excitement of a trackday! We don't run trackdays to make money. We are not a business. We limit out trackdays to 60 riders MAX. This allows for maximum riding time and maximum space between bikes on the track

  • The goal of a Track Day is to provide you with a relatively safe environment to explore the limits of your bike - while you expand your own personal limits.

  • If you are looking to race with your buddies - please go somewhere else. We don't mind seeing follow the leader type riding, but any type of dicing will not be tolerated. Anyone caught engaging in this behavior will be asked to leave immediately. NO REFUND!

  • All skill levels are welcome! You will choose the group that most closely matches your riding ability and comfort level.

  • Within a group, the faster riders are responsible for SAFELY passing the slower riders.

  • All bike types are welcomed! Standards, motards, cruisers, and sportbikes!

  • EVERYONE will have the opportunity to follow an experienced rider around the track several times. Additionally, personal instruction is available for the asking. All you have to do is ask at anytime during the day for some one on one instruction!!

  • Take a 2-up ride with an experienced instructor! This is a fantastic way to see the "line" at speed.
  • Don't be intimidated by the word track. If you can ride on the street, you can ride on the track. It is merely a road with much of the distraction removed.

  • Track days are RAIN or SHINE. Plan accordingly!!

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