Track Day - Testimonials

Last Updated 3/28/2007
Here are just a few testimonials from past track day participants. There is no better endorsement than a satisfied participant!
  • "I just wanted to take a moment and say a huge thank you to you and your team. Wednesday was one of the best days on a motorcycle I have had, and I have been riding for 30+ years. You run a professional show, your instructors are great, very willing to dispense their knowledge and help. I will defiantly be back next year, and will bring my two brothers with me. Again, thank you" - E.G., - 08/2006
  • "I know its a bit belated, but just wanted to say thanks again for another set of AMAZING track days. I enjoy the Team Daemon days far more than any other track day I've ever been to anywhere. I'll be waiting for the email with next years date's with check in hand !" - B.G., 8/2006
  • "That was a BLAST! I will be highly recommending your track days to everyone who'll listen to me." - G.J., 08/2005

  • "Just wanted to say that Thursday was an AWESOME time. I've been with XXXXXXX on 2 other occasions, and unfortunately that red flag is out A LOT. I think your passing restriction rules for us intermediates and the beginners are VERY VERY important and really pay off. The rules were overlooked a bit during the morning, but after lunch you guys very effectively hammered down.
    Each session was on time, instructors helpful as always, cornerworkers all over the place (!) and just a very smooth day. Wish'd I'd introduced myself during the day, but hope to see you guys there again next year." - J.A., 08/2005

  • "Shane, Alan & Myself would like to send a Great BIG thanks to you and your instructors. We want to thank you for the opportunity that you have given Shane to attend your track days. To have the confidence that he was smart & talented enough to be on the track. You gave him the opportunity that many others would not have because of his age. You and your instructors also gave him guidance and tips to use on the track to improve his skills. Because of all this, Shane, in his 2nd ever road race placed 3rd!!! You should have saw all the dropped jaws when he was presented his trophie. It was great. When Shane crossed the finish line he was holding on to the throttle with one hand and doing a hand pump ye ha with the other. I'll tell ya it brought tears to my eyes." - D. N., 09/2004

  • "It rocked. I'm not sure how it could be improved other than it being free and fewer riders (ha ha)." - W. T., 09/2004

  • "It was a blast Paul. Thank you kindly for being such a professional and fun host." - H.S., 09/2004

  • "Had a great time at your Trackday Paul! Was my first and certainly not the last! I'm hooked!" - G.M., 09/2004

  • "Thanks to you Paul, I had a great time, the only thing I can think of for next year is to have more of them." - P.G., 9/2004

  • "I just wanted to say thank you and great job on yesterday's event. It was well organized with a great bunch of people and an incredible staff. Can't tell you how much my riding and confidence has improved between the 2 track days I have had with MotoMarket and TDR." - J.K., 08/2003

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