Track Day - Rules

Last Updated 4/02/07
These rules are designed to create a safe a fun experience for everyone involved. There are general rules that apply to everyone, and then there are specific rules for each riding group.

Please check back here often, as this page will be updated on a regular basis. All the rules are common sense, but will be spelled out to make sure there is no confusion or misunderstandings.

  • NO wheelies, burnouts, stoppies or other generally unsafe activities.These will all lead to immediate dismissal with NO REFUND.
  • Speed limit in the pits is 15mph. This is for everyone's safety.
  • No one is to enter the track without express permission from an instructor.
  • Pets are permitted, but must be properly restrained at all times. Owners are responsible for their pets and MUST clean up after them. If your dog is hyper/a barker/easily spooked, leave them at home.

The goal during the follow the leader sessions is to ensure that everyone knows THE LINE.

While some people think there is a slow line and a fast line - this is not true. Yes, the very fast riders might use the last piece of pavement available, but everyone's line should be within 3 or 4 feet of the ideal line.

Riding slow is NOT dangerous. It is the riders who are OFF the line that are dangerous. Please pay attention during the follow the leader sessions as the Instructors will show you the line that you should be on.

If a faster rider wants to make a pass - then it is THEIR RESPONSIBILITY to go off the line and get around safely. The rider being passed should not be affected in any way. The PASSER must make sure they are well clear of the other bike before moving back onto the line.

If you are the rider being passed - just relax and pretend they are not there. Also, don't stare at the back of their bike after they pass you - just go about your business.

If you are on a fast bike, but know you are holding people up in the turns, let them pass you on the strights. Check your ego at the gate. :-)

As long as everyone is on the same line, and the Faster riders use their head and pass in safe areas, then we will all have a GREAT day.


Group designations are self assigned to begin with. You determine which group you are most comfortable with based on how comfortable you are with being passed, more so than the speed you will be going.

NOTE: At anytime during the day, an instructor may switch which group you are riding in if they feel you are in a group that is not appropriate. You may also switch groups at anytime during the day with an instructors approval.

Track Map
Red Group - Designed for Track Day beginners
Passing is allowed only in these 4 areas of the track:
  • Front Straight - Must pass on the riders RIGHT. Pass must be completed prior to flagging station.
  • Back Straight - Between turns 2 and 3. Must pass on riders RIGHT. Pass must be completed before first braking cone.
  • Between turns 3 and 6 - Must pass on riders LEFT. Pass must be completed before first braking cone.
  • Between turns 10 and 11 - Must pass on riders LEFT. Pass must be completed before first curb on left

NO PASSING in braking zones.
NO PASSING in corners.
When in doubt, wait for a straightaway.

Yellow Group - Designed for intermediate riders
Passing is allowed in these areas of the track:
  • Same a RED group plus
  • On the OUTSIDE in turns 2,6,9, and 10

NO PASSING in braking zones.
When in doubt, wait for a straightaway.

Blue Group - Designed for advanced Track Day Riders/Racers
  • All passed must be clean. It is the FASTER bikes responsibility to make a clean pass, and not force the bike being passed to make an adjustment.

NO PASSING in the turn 12 chicane.

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