Track Day - Preperation

Last Updated 3/28/2007

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Personal Preparation:
Come to the track well rested, well fed, well hydrated, and ready for a fun filled day! Getting everything ready the night before is NOT a good idea. :-)

Protective Gear:
There is a very good saying that pretty much covers this whole section: "Dress for the crash, not for the ride." This is not meant to scare you, but you should ask yourself what would you want to be wearing IF you were to crash. This pretty much goes for every time you get on your bike.
Mandatory Items:
  • HELMET - An UNDAMAGED, full-face helmet purchased within the last 5 years.
    Recommended: SNELL2005 certified.
  • GLOVES - Full fingered gloves that leave NO EXPOSED skin on the hands or wrists.
    Recommended: Gloves with a wrist strap, to prevent the gloves from coming off in the event of a crash.
  • BOOTS - Over the ankle boots, preferably leather.
    Recommended: Motorcycle specific boots..
  • LEATHERS - Full leathers are not mandatory, but highly encouraged. If you don't own a pair, see if you can borrow a set.

    Aerostich type suits are acceptable.
    At a very minimum, a good riding jacket and riding pants. These do not need to zip together, but it is highly recommended that they do.
    Jeans are NOT acceptable.

Motorcycle Preparation:

If you are not riding your bike to the track, please have your bike prepped prior to arrival.

If your bike is not ready to be checked during the tech inspection period, you will have to wait until there is a break for someone to tech your bike.

NO bikes will be allowed on the track without a TECH STICKER.
If you are found on the track without a tech sticker or signed waiver, you will be asked to leave, with NO REFUND, and be BANNED from all future TDR Track Days.

Mandatory Items:
  • Mirrors should be removed. At a minimum they must be completely taped and folded in.
  • All lights MUST be completely taped over. No light can show, especially the tail light.
    Recommended: Remove fuse for headlight, tail light/remove tail light/brake light bulbs.
  • All fasteners are properly tightened (body hardware, brake caliper bolts, etc.).
    Recommended: Go around the bike and put a wrench/screwdriver on every nut, bolt, and fastener you can find. Pay special attention to the oil drain plug, oil filter, levers, and exhaust brackets.
  • Tires must be in EXCELLENT condition with plenty of tread remaining.
    Recommended: Mount new tires for the track day, save old tires and re mount once you wear out the track day tires.
  • Final drive (chain/belt/shaft) must be in EXCELLENT condition.
  • All controls and levers must operate freely. Throttle must SNAP BACK to the off position when released.

Recommended Items:
  • Safety wire your oil drain plug so it cannot come loose
  • If you have a spin-on type oil filter, put a hose clamp around the filter, and then wire the clamp to prevent the filter from spinning loose. If your filter is behind a cover, drill and safety wire the access bolt.
  • If your bike is water cooled, REMOVE the coolant and replace it with pure water, or water with a water pump lubricant such as WaterWetter.
NOTE: These are RECOMMENDED items. They are not required, and while they may be a little time consuming, they could end up preventing a life threatening situation. You will probably ride your bike harder than ever before, and there is a tendency for things to come loose that would not do so under normal riding conditions. Overheating problems, or even a minor crash, can result in oil or coolant being dumped onto the track. NO ONE CAN RIDE UNTIL IT GETS CLEANED UP, and since there is not a regular cleanup crew, it takes a long time to do this.

There is a RED ROOF INN located about 8 miles south of the track on Rt. 106. I know they offer a AMA/AAA discount. This is the closest lodging, although there are many other options available in Concord, NH.
Camping at the track is NOT available for track day participants.
You may want to seriously consider staying over the night before, especially if you have over 2 hours to travel. You will be much better rested and better prepared for the day!

There will be a limited number of garage bays available for our use. These are on a "first come, first served" basis. Realisticly, 6 bikes can fit in one bay, so make friends, otherwise you will be outside in the sun...or rain.
Garages have air, water, and electricity.
There is a $500 FINE is the garages are left dirty.

EVERYONE will be responsible for helping to clean the garages and pit areas at the end of the day.

FUEL: There will be fuel available at the track, but it is VERY expensive, costing around $5/gallon. It is recommended that you arrive at the track with a full tank of gas, plus a full 5 gallon jug to get you through the day. There are 2 gas stations within a mile of the track to get gas. Otherwise you will have to pay for race gas.

LIQUIDS: There will be some water and sports drinks provided, but you should probably bring your own as well.

ETC.: Bring a chair, change of clothing, extra socks, favorite snacks, anything you think you might need to make your day more comfortable. Bring a tire pressure gauge, duct tape (preferably black) to cover lights, any tools you might need during the day, etc.

It should go without saying that alcohol is prohibited, but I'll say it anyway. :-)

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