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Dane Scott Nils Paul
(Left to Right:Dane, Scott, Nils, Paul.)
Just who is this mysterious crew of hard-core LRRS racers that makes up
Team Daemon Racing?
Well, you've come to the right place to find the answer...

Scott Lilliott CCS #631 (scott@teamdaemon.com)
For 2002, Scott will be playing dual roles, racing and wrenching for the team. Acting as coordinator, he'll handle the team operations at the track to allow the others to focus on racing. The NSR600 hasn't gone away though and he will be racing later in the season.

He took the Advanced Penguin Roadracing School in August 2001 and found some of the things that were slowing him down. His Super Singles race at the end of August proved itand left him with his best time ever, dropping 2.5 seconds to a 1:26.3. "I know I can go faster, better, I just need more track time."

Paul Luevano CCS #898 (paul@teamdaemon.com)
2002 will be Pauls 6th year racing. In five short years, Paul has made his way through the ranks of the very competitive middleweight class.  Starting as an amateur on a converted street bike, Paul now finds himself racing a purpose bought Honda F4 as an Expert in the largest roadracing club in the nation.  Not only that, but you can also find Paul racing with the professionals of the AMA and Formula USA at select events.

Paul took the 2001 season "off". This doesn't mean he didn't race!He was there every weekend, instructed with the Penguin Roadracing School and keeping his skills sharp, but chose not to go after a championship. This didn't stop him from coming in 3rd place in the 3 hour endurance race with Team GMD though! For 2002 Paul plans to once again go out strong, with a goal of all top 10 finishes, and hoping to finish in the championship race. Paul plans on continuing to refine his form and technique, training hard during the off-season on his dirt bike. We fully expect 2002 to be Paul's best yet.

Nils Menten CCS #367 (nils@teamdaemon.com)
2001 was Nils' first season of roadracing. Nils contested the popular Lightweight Sportsman (LWSP) and Production Twins (PTW) classes on his production-spec '88 EX500. Despite (or thanks to?) his inexperience, Nils managed one fourth, one third, and two second-place finishes in his 5 races in class, ending up 4th overall for the year in the Amateur standings in Production Twins (AM), and lowering his fast laps into the 1:28's. One DNF (mechanical) in LWSP cost him dearly in the standings though, resulting in 14th place overall for the season in that class.

Nils advanced to Junior Expert at the conclusion of the season, and plans to campaign his EX500 in Production Twins and Middleweight Sportsman in 8 of 9 planned LRRS events in 2002. Nils' goals for 2002 are to finish in the top 5 in PTW for the season series, get his lap times into the 1:25 range, have a blast and not crash more than absolutely necessary.

Dane Walther CCS #342 (dane@teamdaemon.com)
After a high side (and subsequent surgery) during his 2000 season, Dane spent the last half of his 2001 season completing the rehabilitation of his shoulder and re-acquainting himself with the race track. For 2002 he is once again healthy and ready to take on a full season of the Loudon Roadracing Series.

This year he has acquired a 1994 TZ125 and will be competing in the GP singles and Light Weight GP classes. His goal is to advance to Jr Expert after the first couple of race weekends, get his lap times down into the 1:24's, and avoid replacing any more organic parts.

Team Daemon Racing in action